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Bleach: The Japanese Anime that Changed the Industry

Japanese Anime - Bleach

The Bleach comic, a creation by the Japanese author Tite Kubo, has received immense popularity not only in Japan but overseas as well. Alongside the also famous anime Naruto, Bleach has been considered a typical “shonen anime. Any die-hard anime fan has surely watched all 190 episodes of this thrilling anime series, and if not, you should put it in your viewing list now. Initially, this superb anime’s popularity was only in the Asian countries, but it later hit the markets of other countries, in fact going as far as South America such as Brazil. Is there something special that Bleach has in its possession that the various other animes from Japan do not have? The number one thing that makes the Bleach anime so unique is the number of different characters that it has, which has lead the series to grow amazingly fast overseas in comparison to other titles in its genre.

Bleach splices some modern music with the Japanese philosophy, subcultures, and also fashion. The anime production can simply be described as clean and also as very innovative. This anime series describes the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who is only 15 years old. He within time becomes a reaper of souls, that is, someone who has to fight the hollows, which are evil spirits. The series, unlike most others, starts the anime with quite a bang and does not disappoint throughout the resulting episodes of the series. Most anime series’ have to first of all introduce the story and also the characters, thus making the first few episodes dull and to some point boring.

Ichigo initially starts off as a kid who lives with both his sisters and his very crazy dad. One day he comes by a hollow which is attacking Rukia, a youthful girl who later turns out to be a good soul reaper too. After that fight with the hollow, there is still another that invades Ichigo’s house and they, Rukia and Ichigo have to fight it. Rukia suffers minor injuries whereas Ichigo’s gained powers help him to subdue this dreaded monster. As the series unfolds, other characters are also introduced, for example the beautiful and red-headed Orihime who is a slow but sensitive girl is able to detect evil spirits from the world over. There is also this tough guy by the name of Chad who, like Orihime, can sense the evil spirits too. There is a climax that takes place by the time this anime series reaches its 50th episode, and it will intrigue you, the viewer, to have more interest of whatever is about to unfold after this 5oth episode. Why? Because it can be of interest to anyone who is keen to realize that a climax may make the other episodes boring, but Bleach promises a different case.

Bleach’s popularity is truly second to none. One place I can recommend to pick up the latest goods of this series is this particular anime shop online. But have no fear as Anime Room offers a slew of Japanese anime merchandise for 100s of other titles in addition to their full selection of Bleach merchandise.

If you are not a fan of this series, all I can say is start to watch especially from episode 67. You won’t regret it!

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