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The Upcoming 2014 NBA Playoffs

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs are gaining popularity each year. Basketball has many fans and is considered one of the most highly entertaining games in the world. The NBA playoffs are split into two distinctive groups known as the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. These games take place in Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Memphis, Indiana and many others. Standings are tabled after every game is played and as a result some teams are eliminated. The games are played home and away, just like they are during the regular season. The schedule and scores are updated on their website for online users. Tickets can also be purchased online for the fans and booked as soon as the games are about to kick off. Tickets are sold for thirty days in advance.

Miami Heat - LeBron JamesPopular celebrities like Chris Bosh, Paul George or Kevin Durant led their teams to great performances and admiration making the game even more entertaining. These celebs will later be nominated for the various year awards. Lebron James was nominated as the best player in the year 2013. According to this year’s calendar, many fans are expecting better performance from their popular icons and since the games are in the new stages, many are still positive for a better season ahead. Many playoff games boost the player’s morale if they qualify for the next round. Playoffs prepare the players psychologically because the initial games aim at improving and checking on their preparedness. Most teams must win at least 50% of their games to qualify for the next round. Ratings are done based on the number of games won against games lost.

The most influential level of the NBA is of course the playoffs. Winning the first game is most crucial to be successful in winning the series and advancing to the next round. Many coaches target the opening games since they are of very much value than other games. In the United States where basketball has the highest number of fans, the attendance in the playoff stages can double in the latter stages since at this stage they consider it the best time to score points and apply pressure to their opponent. Meanwhile, most games are very competitive and most teams look for the finest players’ effort so that they can shine in every level. Playoffs mostly are played with great enthusiasm and vigor so that to build the team’s capability. Fans don’t feel like missing any game so that they can be up to date with the best outcome, movement of superstars to other clubs during the end of the season is a determininge factor that can strengthen or weaken the teams. These superstars go to the clubs which they are highly paid and where they win trophies, and the clubs’ fame is on the rise.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Kevin DurantMost playoffs are important to any team so that they can improve on their weaknesses. Each team ensures the club is successful by issuing support from player to player in a given game. Many coaches like players who work as a team focused and with burning passion for winning. Team work enables them to work together and boosts their spirit and encourages each other. As a result, mistakes created can easily be recognized and thus the team can become better every day. The NBA aims to improve even its public trust by ensuring they perform since this is an entertainment field. Not performing up to the standard of the fans deters their trust. This is detrimental to the investors of these clubs as well. Most games in the playoffs require careful consideration so that the points desired can be achieved much easily enhancing continued performance in that round. Most of the teams, however, do not perform very well during these stages, and they end up being eliminated. As a result, it turns to being a big disappointment to their supporters who would see them progress to other stages with much ease.

The most promising performance is achieved when the team is able to win at least three consecutive games bearing in mind that in most playoffs, a team need to win four games in total. Most successive clubs consider trading for players in preparation for their run to the playoffs. This is achieved when they buy the best players from other teams who will coordinate with players already on their roster in an effective fashion.

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Good luck everyone on an exciting 6 weeks ahead!

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