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Food Cases for your iPhone?!

The iPhone is one of the most iconic products of Apple Inc, a multibillion dollar technology giant based in Cupertino, California. It is said to be one of the most valuable brands in the world with a range of brilliant consumer products. The Apple iPhone 4 and 5 series of products have been sold around the world with up to 250 million products sold. These iPhones need a unique cover and case for various reasons. This creates demand for iPhone’s cases for this huge created market. These covers and cases exist in different materials, color and designs. The choice of iPhone pretend food cases depends on consumer taste and preferences. Many iPhone users are specific about the products that they will purchase.

Apple Inc. offers covers for their devices at their outlet stores; they have a variety of choices for customers to choose from. The covers are of different materials including leather, plastic, rubber and other unique materials. The material also determines the quality and the durability of the covers. Leather is durable when used to make iPhone covers; the quality of this material makes it more valued hence leather covers tend to be expensive. Customers prefer cases that are more unfading and will be easy to maintain will most probably choose leather covers. Leather covers may be customized to meet the customer specifications. Customers may prefer their names of photos to be engraved in the leather covers. There are companies or individuals who offer this service. Leather covers are in different colors hence users choose the most appealing.

The iPhone device is very delicate to handle; the screen can break upon any impact hence this phone needs better handling. However, while using these devices, it is hard to ensure 100% care of this device and there will be times when minor accidents happen. To protect iPhone from such accidents, rubber helps protect devices. In case of impact, like a fall, rubber is softer hence any impact is absorbed. The cost of replacing a screen or a phone is quite high; it is always advisable to purchase a case that aims to protect your iPhone. Devices are not water resistant; any contact with water will spoil an iPhone device. There are rubber materials that don’t allow water or any liquid to pass through them; this is the best when used to make iPhone 4 faux food cases. Rubber materials also come in different colors; users may choose to customize covers to fit their specification.

One of my favorite iPhone cases that I’ve come across lately is this selection of fake food iPhone cases made in Japan out of all places! Take a look at the video and let me know your thoughts…

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