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Nobunaga Oda’s Vision of a Free Market Japan


In the sixteenth century, Warring States Period Nobunaga Oda was about to bring the Japanese citizens together after a series of mass killings, continuous fighting and commotion that went on for at least a century. Just as Mars in traditional Greek religion was viewed as a god, so was he to war. His personality could be related to India’s Shiva who was also believed to be the god of reproduction and at the same time the god of destruction. One funny thing is that Nobunaga Oda is both famous and infamous altogether. He took down one of the ancient temples with fire since the temple in itself was given a lot of power that it could have an impact on politics. Many individuals referred to him as an enemy and also a threat to Buddhism. He engaged himself in a good number of wars and sources say that he attacked Ninja Hometown, Ninja as well as Koga simply because Ninja was not under his custody. When individuals heard news that Nobunaga Oda took his wine through a human skull’s glass, they remained shocked, wondering and began shivering. The skull was of a certain enemy general who was defeated by him.

imagesHe was interested in brand new current commodities purchased mainly from Europe. Rifles used during his era took a lot of time before they became fully reloaded but he was still among the first personalities to use them during his fights. He used to line up policemen who had guns to enable his army go on with rifle firing to his opponent. The army of his army which at some point in the Japanese history was graded as the strongest could not attempt engaging in any form of fighting against the gun squadron that Nobunaga had. He changed his style of fighting using his guns and he was also strong, ambitious, self confident, someone to be afraid of, had a unique habit of mass destruction and lots of respect was given to him. He also had the capability of taking mass actions with no delay. Individuals had faith that after his powerful army attacked, you won’t be able to see anything left standing and in the sixteenth century, he was viewed as a revolutionary personality who was about to unify Japan’s Sengoku clans.

The vision of this person was more of ‘change’. For this, he required doing away with traditional regime as he carried out lots of construction activities. Oda’s vision and profession can be located in his individual city progress design and building. Gifu is among the cities located in the West of Japan. He came up with a modern city that was installed with clean water supply and sewage system. In fact, he was the person who designed and made Japan’s ‘Free Market’. One of the Portuguese priests known as Lewis Froys paid Nobunaga a visit one time during his reign in Japan and commented on Gifu’s prosperity to be the same as ‘Babylonia’